Interconnect is a series of ceramic objects and cups designed to break down the dichotomy between the interior and exterior space of the vessel. The objects reflect the way in which the interior self becomes visible during the contemplative moment of sitting with a cup of tea. 

The work consists of a landscape of contemplative pinched objects interspersed with cups that are nestled into the undulations of the sculptural forms. The multiple holes in the surface of the sculptural objects exaggerate the connection between the inside and outside, creating a continuous space.  By forming this continuous space, the interior life of the vessel is exposed, enticing the viewer toward an inner dialogue with the piece.

These objects can be used individually or with company.  If used individually, the contemplative pinched object will allow an opportunity for reflection upon the barriers and distinctions that are maintained between the inner self and the outside world. If used with company, both the medium of tea and the work will allow the opportunity for the participants to relax and develop a connection with each other.

The series is centred around ideas of connection between people as well as with the Earth.